"Today is not the day I die."

Freedom is life’s great lie











As someone who has had to say essentially this, I love Tom Hiddleston’s acting here, and Loki’s honesty- hard won, brutal honesty. And nobody else in Asgard can face that brutal honesty because they’re too busy comforting themselves with lies.

//It’s a beautiful irony that the God of Lies is the most honest person.  That’s basically what the Lokasenna is about, if I recall correctly: Loki calling out the other gods on their shit with elegantly phrased insults. It’s no coincidence that that’s the title of one of the songs on the Thor 2 soundtrack. 

This, all of this.

Also, I keep staring at the second gif, and the more I look at it the more my heart breaks. There’s a moment, just before the loop, where the sass fades for an instant and it’s not anger in his eyes anymore, it’s sadness. It’s I don’t love you, anymore; I don’t have a father to love anymore.

Let’s remember how much Odin used to mean to Loki. It’s easy after TDW to focus on Loki’s grief over Frigga, and forget that in a very real way he’s also lost his father too. And some part of him has to be grieving that - deeply, given the depth of the anger he covers it up with. But for a fraction of a second here it shows.

And he did not, NOT lose that father entirely through his own actions. Not even close. Few things make me want to throw myself into the sun more than people claiming that.

Oh god no. I’m not sure I believe Odin ever genuinely was (as opposed to putting on a calculated, habitual performance, or to be charitable a performance he superficially believed he meant) anything approaching the father Loki thought he had or could win. If he ever was, that’s pretty much gone by the time of the first movie, and it’s Odin’s own actions (with help from others’) that precipitate Loki’s. Whatever effect Loki’s actions in Thor 1 and Avengers had on Odin’s opinion of him, that’s like the roof tiles on the Empire State Building of Odin’s pre-existing racism and contempt for him; more likely an excuse to publicly declare what he’s privately felt for much, much longer.

I mean, if there ever was a shred of genuine paternal feeling in Odin for Loki, you would expect it to come out when the kid is literally hanging over the void begging for acknowledgement. Even Thor’s massive avoidance complex breaks down when Loki is on the verge of death, and the love beneath it shows itself. The Bifrost is really a damning moment for Odin.

No, what Loki is mourning is, I suspect, at least 99% the illusion of ever having had a proper father. And I bet he knows it for exactly that.

YES. Loki has been massively, utterly disillusioned. Not only with Odin, but with most of Asgard and the life he knew before. It shows in every word, every action in this scene, and throughout the rest of the film.

This ^^^^

My feeeeellllssssss

Outofmagic: Can we take a moment to appreciate just how serious this is for Loki? And not even just in Thor 2, but in the entirety of every single film he’s been in. The moment Odin muttered “no Loki” he ruined any hope he had of being Loki’s father, and further more, I doubted he ever truly Odin ever cared for Loki. The Allfather is all knowing. He knew why he took Loki, he knew what would happen, but it didn’t stop him from doing it. Loki lost a father a long time before Thor 2, and his sarcasm at the beginning of the movie is Loki’s way of defense.

Loki is the God of Lies, but he’s often the most truthful person you’ll every run across, because he LOVES calling other people on their bullshit. He knows very well what people should not be able to get away with and he rarely lets them get away with it.

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"There was a time I loved to do romantic things, and I quite liked it. I had a girlfriend at university, she studied French and Italian, we were dating for some time. And her study included living and working in Paris for 6 months. She asked me to go to Paris on the weekend with her and help to settle down. I told her that I couldn’t because I had a very important audition which I couldn’t shift. To tell the truth my movie career was depended on this audition in that moment. I was told to come there on Saturday evening and if I hadn’t shown up I would have never got my hand near it. On Saturday I was on my way to the studio but I turned around in the last moment and went to King’s Cross, took the “Eurostar” and darted to Paris. Of course, I decided to come as a surprise and while riding I stayed connected with her friend. At last I was in Paris and by her friend’s tip-off I found them in the Luxembourg Gardens where they were buying an ice cream. My girlfriend was standing in front of a stand with different flavours of ice cream and couldn’t decide which one to choose. I came, stood up behind her and gently whispered: “It’s a hard choice, isn’t it?” There was more sense and irony for me in this phrase that it might seem at first sight. My deed was even too romantic as my girlfriend had almost fainted from fear. Since then I’ve become more careful in romantic actions. Who knows how my career would have formed if I had gone to that audition?"

Tom Hiddleston


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Over 200 girls were abducted and could possibly be sold as sex slaves for trying to get an education.

A high school girl was stabbed and killed for rejecting a boy’s invitation to prom.

Six women were murdered because a boy thought “blonde sluts” deserved revenge for not having sex with him.

All of them happened just within the past 3-4 months.

When will people realize that misogyny does not exist in a vacuum? When will people realize that misogyny kills?

"I am ashes where once I was fire."

—Lord George Gordon Byron (via c-h-e-a-p-thrills)

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